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fredag den 22. juni 2012

The Book That Never Ends.

When I am browsing through magazines, books, advertisements or what else I can get my hands onto, there are often texts in them I can use for further writing or making a story over ... I cut all out I can use and store it for later when I need it again ... The same with pictures, colors etc.

This book I am going to show you a few pages from did I start on over five years ago and it is still not finish and will probably never finish because I keep on adding more to it.

I have photographed a few pages from it to show you what I have done to it for now.

 The Front of the Book.

The book is an old book I have torn out pages from and painted og glued in things on.

 The Titel Side of the Book.

The book is called The Pyramides of Life, I chose not to cover up the title because it could be the message of the inside of the book. And I colored each letter with glitter glue.

 The Backside of the Book.

 Everything there's blue, the sky and the sea etc.

Everything there's green, grass, trees etc.

 Flowers, Flowers, Flowers.

 Everything there's red.

 Angels are close to my Heart.

 This page is full of eggs and I decided not to cover it up but to paint them all in different colors and add patterns, glitter glue and other textures to them.

 Have also drawn into it, here is one of the pictures, painted with colored pencils.

And here is another one there's also painted with colored pencils and decorated.


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