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lørdag den 23. juni 2012

Ring Binders

When I'm at the flea market, I also look for various ring binders, preferably A5 and smaller sizes.
They should preferably not be ruined or with swayed backs nor destroyed by moisture.
It doesn't matter if there are images, text, or nothing at all on the front and back covers because I cover them up.

In each ring binder, I placed an elastic solidly in the back cover so it can be kept together if I include too much material in it.

So here are pictures of three different ring binder I made more beautiful and decorative :)

A5 Ring Binder.
Was original all black.

A6 Ring Binder.
Was original a white computer organizer.

A6 Ring Binder.
Was original a white diet recipee organizer.

Materials Used:
- Various Ring Binders.
- DCWV Heavy Weight Paper.
- Elastic.
- 2 Eyelets.


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