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søndag den 15. januar 2012

What Happens Update.

16th December 2011 my dear brother had his 50 years Birthday and for the event I wanted to do something special, we are only us two siblings :)

It all started out with it should have been a card, a special card, but, all I wished for the card to contain and express I couldn't add, it was too much, I wanted the card to be a little nostalgic in a very special way, wanted it to bring memories from our childhood and youth up.

I then ended up sitting and just starring at a small rectangular box and then the idea was born, a house, of course, a house where both exterior and interior have different miniature things that could remind him of the time.

The inner side of the house should contain things he had in his room, almost as it looked like then and in the middle of it inside a special good bottle would be placed and the roof should be the cover for the whole box and could be removed.

But, when I started I soon discovered that the small box itself was not suitable and instead I had to figure out the measurements and began to cut the sides and all other parts from bookbinder cardboard, those of you who isn't familiar to this cardboard type I can tell it is a very hard, thick and compact cardboard but it is ideal for projects there need to be extra solid.

But I managed to make the parts and proud to say I din't make any wrong cuts in first try and slowly it all graduately took form and gradually new ideas came to mind through the process.

All the miniature parts was ordered from England and USA and all the die cuts did I get from England ... ohhh how I just loooooooove Ebay ;D

The house was not just the only thing I made for him I also made a little tag-album and that would of course need a place to live in so I had to customize a box for it.

Cards and tags for the other gifts I also created.

But I will let the pictures speak for themselves.
And to avoid each feature will be too huge and overwhelming I will divide it so it's only one thing in each posting.

Furthermore, my parents Golden Wedding Anniversary is up this month too and a few days after my mum is turning 70 so a few more cards had to be made.
These cards will also be in each seperate posts.

And as if I hadn't enough to do this month, I also suddenly have three Birthdays cards for children, girls from my daughters class, to make, so my January is as stressfull as my November and December was too.

So because there haven't been a post here for a looooong time now it doesn't mean I haven't done anything or have become lazy :D ... I have just been so stressed and full up on projects that I haven't been able to find the time to organize the images and publish them, there are lots of pictures and they are on it's way so Thank You for your patience :)


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