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tirsdag den 15. november 2011

I am Still Here :D

I know I have been a bit quiet for a while now, it's not because nothing happens on the creative line, it does in fact a lot :D

I am working on a fairly large project, this will not be publishe before after December 17th, so patience please :)

Besides this project I also have other projetcs to finish and I do have lots of pictures to upload, they will come I promise :D

Also have I fallen over Genealogy, it is also so very interesting, so I try to juggle between it all.
It is nice to know what you come from and get to know your ancestors.
All respect to one's ancestors they really have fought hard to get this far to make sure we are here today, so we owe it to them to continue the family and allow all descendants to know who they are.
I am very proud of my family history :)


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