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søndag den 26. juni 2011

Pink Fabric Rose

A short while ago I was at the store Stof & Stil, I was only going to buy a few metres of a wax table cloth but, as usual when I am in there I always go home with more than I was supposed to buy :D
And indeed, this time was not an exception.

I love to browse their large long table with various fabric pieces, there's usually a lot of fabric to choose from and for very cheap money so there is money to be saved and you never know what you may need in time :D

I found two nice pieces of pink Chiffon fabric, it is just such a delicious soft polyester fabric that slips through your fingers and don't folds nor curls.

I tore a long strip of fabric at 2.5 cm width, placed a 0.3 mm double-sided tape on one edge the entire length of the fabric.
Punched a cirkel with my 1 3/4" punch.
Pulled a short piece of the tape off on the fabric and began from the inside, the center of the circle, and glued it firmly in circular motion action outwards.

At the end I pirced a whole in the center of the rose and fitted a fine brad in there.

Here's the result :)


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