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torsdag den 21. april 2011

New Purchases from Specialkøbmanden

At Specialkøbmanden haven't I had the pleasure of being a regular customer but I do have bought a few items there and now it seems to be the last time shortly, because they are stopping with selling scrap things.

The 13th April I bought a few items there.

This Martha Stewart Circle Cutter have I looked at for quite a while now but thought the cost was a bit more than I would pay at the time and there were other things I wished to buy, but now it was reduced well in price so I decided time was in to buy it now :)

I had ordered another 12x12" designer paper stack but that sold out so after a brief conversation with the owner I decided on this one instead the K&Company Berry Sweet 12x12" double sided paper stack it has so many wonderful designs and colors.


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