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torsdag den 23. juni 2011

Pincushion on a Jar

My needles are laying around everywhere and I am not finding them before I poke at them but when I am going to use them surely can't find any.

I had, at one time, bought these glass jars, from any grocery stores, they are inexpensive, but at sight they are really boring :)

I taped a ribbon round the side of the lid and on top a pin cushion I made from one of the many styrofoam balls I've just purchased.
One of them I cut into halves and upholstered it with a cute vintage floral motif fabric and made a lace-ruffle-edge around underneath , glued it all on top of the lid and voila, the needles can stay in the jar and those I use can be inserted into the flamingo, so no need to poke my fingers any longer because they are everywhere and anywhere :D


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