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fredag den 24. juni 2011


An Album for Sophie

Freya had a friend from school visiting, Sophie, it was her first time comming here so I had made her a special album.

In the beginning it was just a thick book with lots of coloring pages, dot-to-dot fun pages and other fun activity pages, but, they are growing bigger and have other needs nowaday so therefor I have chosen to make her something different, one there goes both sides, there are some coloring pages but mainly it can be used as a photo album where she can place pictures of herself, of what she loves the most and/or write her own little secrets down and hide in there here and there.

I photographed the whole album and it ended with too many pictures for this page I would say, so instead I made a little filmslide with the pictures and uploaded it to YouTube.

You can also see the film here, but the quality of the film here are not as good as it is on YouTube.


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