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lørdag den 14. maj 2011

New Purchases from Cuddly Buddly

At Cuddly Buddly they have a category called "When It's Gone ... It's Gone!" ... it had disappeared for a while but now it is back again, thankfully :)  ...  the category has many pretty, wonderful and rather cheap things there, including these things I found there :)

I really love K&Company's products, it's not a secret by now :D
Here's the Que Sera Sera Note Cards, Brenda Walton Grand Adhesion and Que Sera Sera Grand Adhesion.

And here it's the Sweet Noel 4.75"x6.75" Die-Cut Mat Pad and Wild Raspberry 4.75"x6.75" Die-Cut Mat Pad.

And here it's the Brenda Walton Embossed Stickers and Que Sera Sera Adhesive Chipboards.

Actually did I get another parcel today, just not delivered in the mail but a note on where I could pick it up, I'm a little crossed with this because I paid for it to be delivered to my address, so why should I have to drive around the city on a Saturday morning to get my package!!!!
When I came to the place where I could pick up my parcel, a place I've never been before, it just wasn't there as it should have been according the note, so I have to return again on Monday to get the package. and I am really very very crossed over this :(



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