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tirsdag den 26. april 2011

Nothing Goes to Waste

When I use paper, carton, design paper or whatever paper/carton I use I can't throw out small pieces there could be used somehow :D

So I punches out various things of them even the tinyest cirkel is coming out of it before it's been thrown out, and believe me when it's thrown out nothing else can be punched or cut from it :)

That way I always have a cirkel, a square or whatever I need for the project I am doing and in the color I wished for :)

If there are eg too many cirkles I can't use up in the nearest future I gather them together and make beautiful flowers from them and decorate them with glitter glue, gems and/or brads so they look great and that way I always have a flower for a project when I need one :D

Just a little example on my stinkyness :D


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