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onsdag den 8. juni 2011

New Purchases from Liz's Craft

More square envelopes in white, I need a lot of them and I should say I do have a lot of them now, adding those 100 I bought the other day I now have 450 envelopes :D ... From Liz's Craft in the UK I bought 350 envelopes for almost no money, cheaper than the 100 I bought in Denmark :S ... the UK envelopes have  I only given kr. 0.64 per envelope and that is with the postage included, this is just a third of what the 100 cost me ... yes, you must remember to look further on before you buy, but I really couldn't think of other places to look and not before after I had bought I remembered Ebay, of course, what else :D ... but even there it is worth spending an hour or two to browse through all the adds and compare and calculate price before you buy so you can make sure you get the best buy, I did, so now I know where I buy in the future - Ebay in the UK.
We all have to make experiences on buying and creating things, and at times it can be an extra expensive way to go :)



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