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søndag den 6. marts 2011

Teddy Bear Card

Then challenge no. 3 started in the competition at Scrapsisters and the requirements was something round, something wrinkled, at least three layers on top of each other, something black and glitter ... here's my contribution to the competition :)

The designpaper, the cut-out die in the background and the teddy bear is my own design (IWD).
Something round - are the eyes and nose on the teddy bear.
Something wrinkled - are the pink silky paper, I have wrinkled it and glued it on like that.
At least three layers on top of each other - there are more than three layers in my card.
Something black - that is the teddy bears nose and eyes.
Glitter - all the small dots on the basecard have I made with glitterglue from Stickles, the color is Ice.
The number one have I made in Photoshop from the font Adobe Garamond Pro Bold, enlarged it and cut it out from my own designpaper.


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