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lørdag den 16. oktober 2010

Altering of a Poker Box

The finished result.

The box is all black and very thick cardboard of good quality.


The lid closes with magnetic closure, available in the box already.

For the lid I used Prima Marketing Design Paper Whimsy from their beautiful Watercolor Rainbow Collection. This paper is so good and strong in quality and also very decorative so I do not have the heart to put something on top.


The back.

Lace edge all around.

Rub-Ons by K & Company, I really like Brenda Walton, her design is also beautiful.

To open the lid without destroying the carton I've put on, I put a trim solid as a handle.


The Back.

Front close-up.

When the lid is opened again, I have used some more Rub-Ons.


The only thing I could have the heart to do on top of the lids fine paper was to put a Rub-Ons text.

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