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tirsdag den 5. juli 2011

New Second Hand For My Craft Room

I love the CD holder racks, but only those who have loose shelves to take out because I use them for storing my craft things, they have just the right depth and the proper height between the shelves.

In Gul & Gratis, an online second hand trade, I found two of the same kind at one and the same person, and I should only give Danish kr. 75,00 for both, and luckily they were not sold and only a few kilometers from here where I live.

I already have a CD-rack shelf, one of the very long ones, it is laid down on top of my tables against the wall and on top of it I have now placed the two short ones, but to ensure it's not crashing down on top of my head I have screwed the two short ones together with two srews and I have hooked them to the wall, so now it's stable :)
Super cheap and wonderful storage furniture.

Pardon me the mess, I had to move a lot of stuff to make room for it :)



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