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tirsdag den 19. juli 2011

Farbenmix and Malika & Rosa.DK

If you are addicted to wonderful and beautiful ribbons and laces is it worth go having a look at Farbenmix and Malika & Rosa.DK, maybe you will buy something when you are there :D

Farbenmix is a fantastic shop jeg would like to recommend others to have a look at, Maj-Britt who was our provider of Stampin' Up products has opened this sweet shop.

Malika & Rosa.DK don't I know well but they too have some pretty items but when buying anything here you have to know that you don't buy per metre but per 10th centimetres.
So I know where to buy beautiful ribbons next time I need something new of this kind, but my drawers are all full so I have to use it all up before going out buying more :D


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