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lørdag den 9. juli 2011

Chit Chat

I am still busy cleaning and organizing my craft room, it is not something there's done in an hour, unfortunately :D
I guess it's because I am organizing all my things at the same time, so it's more convenient for me in the future and to make it easy to reach all I use a lot and mostly instead of I having to run around and find it all.

At the same time is the weather rather hot and it's awful to move around, so the quality time of the day are less.
Also does my little family need to be attended to and our little girl are going on holiday to her grandmother together with her aunt and cousins, it's is going to be some great days for her.
But don't worry, I have so many ideas that I am almost exploding so as soon I finish with this cleaning I will create a lot and hopefully my shop will be online soon along with my blog and portfolio etc.


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