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tirsdag den 17. maj 2011

New Purchases from MultiScrap

Yawn, very early this morning I drove to pick up my parcel in Søhus Centre post office, they opened at. 07 this morning.

Well at last I finally managed to get my parcel I have in vain tried to get three times now since I got the note saying that it could be retrieved there ??? ... I thought I had paid to have it delivered to my door, so I must have misunderstood something.

But finally it's here, unfortunately is MultiScrap having a liquidation sale and closes down, yet another Danish scrapshop that closes its doors, really so sad, I have purchased items there many times and always been happy, as I always have been with their products and prices, this time it was reduced quite some ... I didn't get all I had ordered, but so it is with liquidation sale, you never know if you're lucky enough to come before a second buyer :D

Here are a few pictures of what I was lucky to have bought :)




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