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tirsdag den 3. maj 2011

My Craft Room

I am cleaning out and rearranging things in my craft room so it's pretty messy and no order rules in there yet, hopefully it will soon :D

But I couldn't really figure out how I should store my own template designs best way, to place them into a ringbinder did not go well, they take up so much space in thickness that there couldn't be many in each binder if I would have a chance to close them, and ring binders fill a lot and the shelf space they occupy I relly can use for anything else.

So I asked my husband what to do, hang them up at the ceiling, he said, ... aha ... came to mind we had some long, old curtain rods lying in the basement so I went down and got them out, dusted off and hung one up in the ceiling :D

I was considering buying some s-hooks ... buuuut ... when I saw how expensive they really was I did not wanted to spend that much money on for now instead I remembered that I had a drawer full of book-rings and they fit well in the thickness of the rod and also I had several 7gypsies aligator clips that could hang on the rings, so now my templates and assorted rub-ons etc isn't taking up any unnecessary space :D

The other rod will I then hang from the ceiling over the tables.... tomorrow :D

Here is a picture on how it looks like :)


And here are a few more of my craft room, I do apologize for the chaotic mess, but that's because I'm about to move things around and clean up :D


I am using shoe shelves for storage.

Freya's space :)

Okay, that was not my intention to put more pictures in, because there are so much mess, but okay, here they are then :S


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