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torsdag den 21. april 2011

Waiting on Purchased Goods

The last few days have I shopped some more and am waiting for it to arrive, unfortunately, the Easter Holiday has started so it will be a while before mails and parcels will arrive but then there's so much more to look forward to following :)

From Eyelet Outlet am I waiting a little parcel with more brads.

From Specialkøbmanden am I also waiting for a little parcel with a few more items.

And from 1-2-3 Stitch I couldn't look away to their fantastic offers so I bought 3 Martha Stewart punches, they only cast $13.49 and that is very cheap ... I love scalloped and lacy edge punches so I bought these three ones;
- Martha Stewart Edge Punch - Doily Lace
- Martha Stewart Edge Punch - Floral Lace
- Martha Stewart Deep Edge Punch - Blossom Eyelet

But the parcel I might be looking forward to with excitement at the moment is the one from Just Rite there I have ordered a custom designed stamp and embossing stamp with my name and my www address og my site there will be published soon and with my email address on so they match.


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