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fredag den 22. april 2011

Storage Tips

I heard that ones small ink pads like Cats eye should be stored lying upside down, to preserve the ink, but then it's impossible to see what color it is, then I saw someone else had the good idea that you stamped on a piece of white cardboard and glued it to the bottom of it so one could see what color you have.

But I think I've found an even better idea, at Display Products you can buy storage boxes in all sizes, including this one to peel-offs, it's really great for storage of these small ink pads, all boxes have lids, so if you place the ink pads in the box and the lid on top you can flip them all upside down at once and keep them that way when you then use them you turn the box again and then you can see them all at once and take off the lid.

The boxes are transparent plastic.
Peel-Off Boxes.

One way to storage your small ink pads.

One way to storage your small ink pads like Cats Eye.


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