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søndag den 25. april 2010

Flea Marked

Freya and I went to a flea marked yesterday, Saturday, twice in one day :)

We went when it started at 10 in the morning and shortly before it closed at 4 in the afternoon.

In the morning we found quite a few things we managed to drag home with us, I was mostly looking for books and magazines I can use in scrapping and card making and other things for the same purpose.

We found a lot of nice decoration wreaths for candlelights, those we can split up into pieces and use for scrap decoration too :)

Also did I find a chair ... the chair ... my throne :D ... it is perfect for my craft room, it is so nice to sit in, not too hard nor too soft just right and it is in a perfect condition.

We I asked how much they wanted for it I thought it was too much so I haggled and got to the price I wanted to pay :D
Just $8.94/£5.83 :D

You can click on the pictures for more details.


When we got back there before closing time we could buy a plastic bag for just $3.58/£2.33 and fill it with anything we could fit into it from all over the place ... great :D

So I went through all the books and magazines there were left now again and found several books but special two ones, very old ones, weird they haven't been taken but they may not have seen them, lucky me :)

This red one is a special book, childrens magazine from 1932 collected into this one hardcover book.

And then there were this very old one from 1905, a library (stories) from a magazine and it has the old text called gotisk :)


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