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lørdag den 23. juni 2012

The Book for Hana.

We buy a lot of old books at flea markets and second-hand stores, not just any books, it must be books that are suitable for making into art books.

Half or a little over half of the pages in the book is torn out, all pages can't be there, else it will become too thick.

Here's some pictures of an art books birth from an ordinary book to the finished result.

 The book as it looked like from the beginning.

 This is how thin the book became after all the pages were torn out.

 The front of the book.
I gave it an elastic to keep it closed together.

 The side of the book.

 The back of the book.

 The envelope at left holds various journal tags and file taps for her to place as she wish.


 Doillies and post-it-notes.

 At right there is a page which can be opened up, look at the next picture.

The page has opened and expanded.

Some pages have beautiful pictures made in black and white drawings, I chose to leave them as they are and she can choose for herself i she wish to leave them like that, color them in or paste anything else over them.

 Small side pocket, with large tags in them for pictures.

 Another side pocket with large tags fitted for the pocket.

 Here I have placed a split so she can have lined paper for writing placed or perhaps she would love to keep her drawings there by just adding a few holes.

Explosion page where she can place pictures and a written text. 
See other pictures showing underneath here.


 Here's reversed pages in the middle of the book gives you half pages that overlap each other, a fun effect.
See more pictures underneath here.

Tag made of the fabulous Kanban cardboard paper.

 Left a pocket with fitted tags inside.
Right a waterfall ... look at the next pictures underneath.

A fabulous Kanban tag topper and  Kanban paper.

 Decorated with a bit of drawing round the edges.
Inside the envelope to the right is a small book with instructions/ideas/inspiration on how the book can be used.


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  1. Hej Inge. Jeg er imponeret af din bog. Lige et spørgsmål - når du river sider ud hvad gør du så - lader du en kant sidde eller? Venlig hilsen Anni Hansen

    1. Mange tak :)
      Hvis bogens sider er limet, har det ingen betydning, blot skal man ikke tage for mange sider på eet sted, så vil der blive et for stort gab :)

      Hvis bogens sider er syet sammen, vil den modsatte side af den der hives ud falde ud, derfor er det vigtigt at sørge for den også er ok at tage væk.

      Du kan godt skære sider ud og lade en 2,5 cm stykke sidde, men, hvis du vil have det papir du sætter ind til at flugte med ryggen vil den blive for tyk og du kan ikke lukke den :D

      Håber det er svar ellers spørger du bare :D