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tirsdag den 26. juli 2011

Punch Journal Catalogue

As promised, here is my own version of the punch catalogue so I have an overview on all the punches I have and with each single page I can meassure eg which size cirkel I want to use or other.

The inspiration for this album did I get here at this blog Twitterpated With Paper.

Front and Back side are alike cut out of a thick bookbinder carton, I have cut it a little bit bigger than the sides inside.

Seen from above.

A little look at som of the pages.
I have made a little description tag where I have noted what kind of punch it is, what size it has and what brand it is.

Seen from above.

Towards the inside seen from the outside.

So now I just have to have albums made for my spellbinders and all the other things :)


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