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torsdag den 9. juni 2011

New Purchases from Ebay

This morning my parcel from USA arrived with the mail :)
On Ebay I had bought a little tool from Imaginisce, a D-Stress Tool.
And what can this little tool do :) ... Well it can distress and engrave your photos paper and hard board paper flowers, chipboard, etc., it gives your work a worn look.
The tool is battery operated, it uses 2 AA batteries, and included there are three different grinding heads.
It is fantastic to use, you barely need to touch the operating button with your fingertip and it runs and stops when you touch it again, nice not to have to use force, and it is not too noisy either as I had feared when it is running and of course depending on how large cardboard/paper or part you want to engrave/distress the grinding sound will get slightly higher but still tolerable.
And it's also very handy to hold and not very heavy not more than 2 batteries weight :)
And I only paid kr. 82.00 total :D

At YouTube you can HERE see how it's used.



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