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fredag den 6. maj 2011

New Purchases Arrived this Morning

Today I received three parcels with the morning mail, well two of them arrived here at my home the third one I had to go to the post office to pick it up :)

Custom Made Ink and Embossing Stamps.

Custom Made Ink and Embossing Stamps.

At Just Rite I bought a special custom designed stamp set, one is an ink stamp and the other is an embossing stamp, they both have the same design and text on.
I have for while waited for it to arrive and feared it would be taken by the toll because I knew it could not be send as a letter but would be send in a box as a parcel because of the size and true enough the toll had taken it and I had to go to the post office to pay toll before I could get the parcel, I had counted on it so the extra money was put aside for this :)

At I bought a bunch of 7Gypsies Gator Clips because I did not had any more and could certainly use more for my hanger for my rub-ons, stickers, my own designs etc.

I had not shopped at before and did not knew the shop beforehand so I was a bit causious but there were no need to worry, they are cheap with their items, low postage price and fast delivery too things I count highest when shopping online so I can warmly recommend this shop, and I didn't have to pay toll on this parcel because they had send it as a letter :)

Last but not least, my buy of stamps from private sale with Annita, my favorite Gorjuss Girl and cat and this Santa Claus stamp, it will be Christmas again : D
Private sales can be recommended for many things as they are in good conditions, has not yet received anything damaged tems : D



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