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torsdag den 21. april 2011

New Purchases from Crafty Stash

I just love the punches from Martha Stewart and I love to google round to find the best deals on them, no matter if it takes a while :)

Normally, when I buy from a new place I never have dealt with before or have been recomended by by others I usually google them to find out if there are others who have experienced any sort of problems with them, but here I got so excited over finding these punches cheap that I placed the order before google them.

I waited and waited and waited for quite some weeks and my parcel did not arrive but the money had been charged so I wrote them a few times and with no reply, so my suspicion started to kick in and i could only thank myself for having lost both money and items for not doing my job properly.
And when I finally googled them I found forums and written messages there were not so good reading :(

But suddenly out of the blue my parcel arrived, finally, but it also tought me to be more careful next time I find a good deal, and the reason why I am not linking to the shop here is because I don't wish others to go through this and maybe not getting their pre-paid items.

The 25th March my two Martha Stewart punches arrived.

Here's my Martha Stewart Deep Edge Punch - Floral Vine
and my Martha Stewart Large Lace Heart Punch.


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