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torsdag den 30. juni 2011

Parcels, Parcels, Parcels.

More parcels arrived today, wonderful :)

My old mouse pad was pretty worn by now, so another was needed and at Zazzle I found one I wanted in my own shop in there, and because I have money on my account in there from sales I could use them so I shouldn't have to spend any of my own money :D

From Dorthe, private buy, I bought some more half pearls, so now I can create more pearl-doodle-designs I can use on the cards I make :)

At Ting til Hobby, who have clearance sale I bought more ribbons, you can never have too much of it and certainly not when it is so cheap.

I bought these doilies and self-adhesive paper ribbons at the same place.
I was a bit excited to see how big the doilys was and when I got them I could immediately see that they are the perfect size, so I wanted to go and see if I could order a few more, but the shop is closed and turned off now :(

I bought these flowers mix at the same place.


All these rhinestone half pearl I also bought at the same place.

And all there A4 papers did I buy at the same place.

And last but not least I bought this stack pad of beautiful patterned paper.



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