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onsdag den 1. juni 2011

New Purchases from Hobby og Nisser

I'm lacking white square envelopes, lots of them, and it is really hard to find them at a price I would like to pay and the size I need, so I asked in the Scrapsisters forum if anyone knew of places you could buy them cheapest, there came a few good tips, and I found one cheap at the time, it was someone who had bought at Hobby og Nisser at QXL, she had given 1.00 Danish kr per envelope, so I went on QXL and found them and bought 100 envelopes, happen to like those with V-flap and it has these :)

However, I need to mention that yesterday I went on Ebay and found several places in the UK that sells these square envelopes in various sizes and actually much cheaper than those I bought at Hobby og Nisser, they cost me 1.48 Danish kr per envelope including postage, but the ones I bought yesterday on Ebay, 350 envelopes in total, is just costing me only 0.64 per envelope and postage included too, so I think I'll look on Ebay first in the future when I have spent money on larger quantity of one thing:)



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