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fredag den 24. juni 2011

Heart Album No. 2

I did another heart album, pictures below show the pages inside:)
The book can be used to write little everyday things or events and/or put pictures in, there are many possibilities.

Front Page.

Album Opened.

First Page.

Second Page.

Third Page.

Fourth Page.

Fifth Page.

Sixth and last Page.

Backcover of the book.

Material Used:
The Design Paper I used for this album comes from a 6"x6" Prima paper stack, Paisley Road.
Stamps, Glitter Glue, Canon Free Print Embellishments, Chipboard Ornaments, Flowers, Buttons, Scrappers Flosh Thread, Punched Butterfly, Lace Ribbons, Rhinestones, A Cut-Out from Fabric,


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